Juan Carlos Bustinza – OULU

Road-Walk Over Green Landscapes And Long Midnight – Finlandia

CFGS Asistencia a la Dirección

I arrived in Oulu on March 13, apparently in the best part of winter, when the weather was beginning to change and the start of a new season was announced, luckily, I was able to experience those famous frozen and white days and face the long dark midnight. That was great, not what I can deny, maybe those days and the experience of living the cold arctic, motivated me more to go to classes. The experience at Osao School was incredible, my expectations were exceeded from the first day. It was 3 and a half weeks of constant learning, not only for the subjects and classes that were entertaining and interesting but for the student atmosphere in the school, I was able to meet, among a few people, very nice and fun people. The teacher-student interaction was very close and professional, without a doubt unique and particular to that which is lived in my school in Madrid. I was part of the international business course, which even though the little time I could enjoy, I can say that it is a complete program that I would repeat again.

I am currently doing my internship at the company Njetwork Inn – SocFri Oy. It is the first time that I live close to the atmosphere of a co-working company and the feeling is rewarding, it is like travelling and knowing many places and cultures in one place. in the company, I am an assistant of the Njetworking CEO, Jan Schmidt. A very charismatic and professional person.

To less than 1 month left in this company, I will say that I am satisfied with the tasks I have been doing, and the opportunities to learn new skills that strengthen my knowledge.

Now that the countdown is unconsciously activated to return home, I have a unique happiness that only feels with experiences and opportunities like this, and of course a feeling of nostalgia for leaving the green landscapes, people, salmiakki, silences and quietness, the city that little by little I got to use to it and understand it, the feeling of being part of it and in some way live a Finnish lifestyle. but until now and until the last day of my departure I will continue taking advantage of and discovering more this city. If I could repeat an  experience like this, living in Finland, I would say without hesitation that yes.