Juan Carlos Bustinza – OULU

Love, Finland – Finland

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It is said that once you feel it, you love it. Sometimes the hard part is not saying that you love something or someone but knowing why you do it is the question. In my experience, living and sharing with people helps you to find and understand your humanity. 93 days were neither a little nor a lot, they were the perfect amount to make me understand and love Finland. how can I express that? maybe here next, one way. 

Dear Finland, 

You are beautiful, you are humble,  

You are kind to the poor, honest to strangers.  

You never doubt, you never rumble,

You always soar with no dangers.

You are too shy at times but never boastful. 
You are the good guy on time, always useful

Your children go biking to school all winter,
They are safe walking home since they were twinter.  

You probably have more saunas than cars.  
You are definitely pro-comedy and do not bore bar Dear Finland, I Accidentally love you.