Víctor Beltrán – Marburg


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Recently I performed my workplace formation in Marburg thanks to the ERASMUS+ scholarship. It has been an experience that I will never forget, so I want to share some of my observations to whoever reads this .

The truth is,t I expected to see more differences between Germany and Spain, especially being a small city, which made me perceive Marburg as a less developed place compared to a bigger city in Spain, like Zaragoza, where I was raised (I compare Marburg with a bigger Spanish city because I think Spain is a country that has been reticent to introduce advancements and new technologies since the postwar); it seems they do not  differ as much as I thought. My perception changed when I found myself in a very small city (over 80 000 inhabitants in its region) full of life and that enjoys having implemented ideals and technologies that we do not offer in some of the biggest cities in Spain, like recycling, where almost everybody knows what to do and there is a retribution system for the return of some glass and plastic recipients in supermarkets.

Talking about supermarkets… I took the opportunity to travel to Berlin and Hamburg during my stay and realized that people in Germany bag their groceries very fast, faster than what I’m used to seeing, so fast that most of the time the two people after me in line had left before I had put everything inside the bag.

I have not  learned the amount of German that I could’ve learned, but my experience has led me to believe that it is a very direct language, one that makes people not lose any time beating around the bush. My interpretation of the German “mentality” would be the result of having such a direct language, that concludes with the people working hard and playing hard, although, as always, there are exceptions. Going for my workplace formation to Marburg has enabled  me to meet people I don’t want to lose contact with and reconnect with others. I also discovered very interesting paths, churches, ports, forests, bars, rivers and houses, added one more culture to the mix that was already in my head and grew vastly as a person. I recommend it.